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It's now been about 14 years since I first started this web site as a resource for Sierra Nevada mountain pictures. During this time, I've seen many much better sites with far superior images fill this need so, I've decided to take HSMI in a somewhat different direction...

I decided to start using this site as a vehicle for my illustrated trip reports. These reports span some 40 years of hiking and climbing not only in the Sierra Nevada, but also in many other locations around the state. A lot of work, to be sure, but also a lot of fun.

There are now several trip reports on this site.  I'm still  experimenting with new web developement software as I try to streamline the process of producing these reports along with maps and images.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions complaints etc.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned :-)

Gordon Jacobs
Newark, California
Mountaineering and Hiking Adventures in California (and Beyond)
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