Family hikes have become pretty rare for us lately with Matt getting older and preferring other activities besides hiking with his boring old parents. I'm okay with this. I would have been the same way with my own parents at his age- if they'd ever bothered to go hiking with us. My wife is not quite so okay with his new attitude and recently on a sunny Sunday afternoon, told him to put his video games on hold and to get into his hiking boots. She had a demand for me as well: NO PEAK BAGGING! Drat! She just wanted to put in a few miles for some moderate excercise. Oh well, it was kind of late in the day anyway.

I suggested the area just north of Mission Peak Regional Preserve. This small region is on the Mission Peak park map, but it's labelled as "Ohone College Land". It's close to the house and offers some scenic and easy hikes that would feature some very green landscapes and nice views. I'd already tagged at least most of the peaks there back in the nineties. None of them have much prominence and are really not much more than scattered bumps, but the views can be nice even from these low hills in spite of the ever-present power lines and transmission towers.

We parked in the new multi-story garage at the Ohlone College trailhead and began our little trek. We didn't get far (luckily) before I realized that I'd forgotten to lock the truck. Damn, I hate these 'senior moments'! I rushed back down by myself rectify my mistake and then quickly rejoined my family just as they were arriving at the trail junction above the college. Most of the other hikers were turning right on the Peak Trail to hike the 3 miles or so to Mission Peak. We turn left to visit the less frequently visited northern hills along the YSC Trail.

In spite of occasional patches of sticky mud, the hike was a good one enjoyed by us all. It was nice to hike with Matt again and I know that Nora was happy about that as well. My suggestion to extend the hike a bit by following the Panorama Trail was quickly vetoed by both of my companions. Sadly, it didn't seem to take long to quell their hiking needs. I played along only because of all the times they tolerated me and my forced death marches with them. I still couldn't stop myself from yearning for a longer more challenging hike with a summit or two. :-)
Ohlone College Land
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