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Mount Konocti (Wright Peak, Buckingham Peak)
Nora at the trailhead.
View of Big Valley
At the beginning of the orchard easement.
Clear Lake
Clear Lake
The small peninsula below the center is in Clear Lake State Park.
Our campsite was up on the hill to the left.
Cumulus to the north. The rain below the clouds likely never hit the ground.
Nora (still wearing her blue pack) takes a brief nap.
Buckingham Peak
Buckingham Peak
Rest stop.
Looking down at Kelseyville.
Pretty Nora and pretty flowers.
Part of southern Clear Lake from trail near Howard Peak.
Nora hiking up the trail toward Wright Peak.
Wrecked aircraft along the trail near the top of Wright Peak.
The story behind the aircraft.
View south from Wright Peak. Mount Saint Helena and Cobb Mountain are visible.
Cobb Mountain
Cobb Mountain
Mount Saint Helena
Mount Saint Helena
We were on that mountain almost extactly a year earlier.
Nora poses near summit of Wright Peak.
The 'stick' that Nora stepped over.
Approaching Buckingham Peak.
Nora hiking up Buckingham Peak in 104 degree temperature.
Buckingham summit picnic table and part of Clear Lake beyond.
Hiking back to the car in 106 degree temperature.